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Breast surgical procedures in Monroe metropolitan area

Advanced techniques to promote your best body image.

The shape, size and appearance of your breasts affect so many areas of your life, from the way your clothing fits to your physical comfort and overall self-confidence.

Perhaps you’ve wondered what you’d look like with fuller, more shapely breasts. Maybe you’ve wished for smaller breasts that are better-proportioned to the rest of your body. Or, like many women, you may have experienced a change in breast shape and volume following childbirth or surgery.

Dr. Christopher Kelly at Kelly Plastic Surgery understands. Dr. Kelly is a board-certified plastic surgeon who can help you attain the attractive, confident body image you desire.

Dr. Kelly’s expertise and artistic ability will give you the excellent results you deserve. And because Dr. Kelly has over 17 years of experience in the area of breast surgery, he offers a unique level of compassion. He knows this is a sensitive issue and will earn your trust by making you feel completely comfortable throughout the process.

Breast enhancements offered by Dr. Kelly include:

  • Transumbilical “Scarless” breast augmentation (TUBA): During TUBA breast augmentations, Dr. Kelly inserts breast implants through a small incision at the upper rim of the belly button and then slides them beneath the skin of the abdomen until they are properly positioned. This technique leaves no scars on the breasts. For those who prefer it, Dr. Kelly offers traditional breast augmentation surgery, including implantation through a small incision beneath the breast or around the nipple.
  • Breast lift
    Popular with patients whose bodies have been altered by pregnancy and breastfeeding, this procedure repositions and reshapes sagging breasts.
  • Breast reduction
    For patients who suffer from shoulder and back problems due to oversized breasts, this procedure removes excess tissue and reshapes the breasts to more balanced proportions.
  • Breast enlargement
  • Breast reconstruction:
    Including implant and TRAM flap breast reconstruction following lumpectomy or mastectomy.


Dr. Kelly provides plastic surgery services to the communities of Monroe, MI in Monroe County; Toledo, OH in Lucas County; Detroit, MI, Trenton, MI, Wyandotte, MI and Livonia, MI in Wayne County; and Ann Arbor, MI in Washtenaw County. Procedures and treatments he offers at his plastic surgery center include:
• Cosmetic surgery procedures • Facial cosmetic surgery • Face lift surgery • Rhinoplasty surgery • Face hair removal
• Eyelid lifts • Restylane injectable • Crow's-feet treatment • Neck lift • Breast enhancement surgery • Breast lift with augmentation
• Skin tightening • SmartLipo laser liposuction • Mini tummy tuck • Mommy makeover • Permanent hair removal

• Stretch mark treatment • Laser tattoo removal


Cosmetic breast surgery offers many options to help you improve your body image and enhance your self-esteem. For more information about breast surgical procedures in Monroe and Michigan, call Kelly Plastic Surgery now for your complimentary consultation 734.243.6640 today or use our online appointment request form.